The Sabbath Day and the Law of Love

This was excellent written by my good friend Pastor Glaser…

“All confessional Presbyterians understand that the Sabbath command speaks of the allowance of works of necessity and mercy on the Lord’s Day. It is part of God’s good gift that first responders (Police, Fire, Ambulance), who work for our benefit, will labor on that day. It is a red herring to bring them into this discussion. What I want you to ask of yourself is if it is an act of love, in fulfillment of the First or Second Table of the Law to do things on the Holy Day set aside by God Himself from the creation of the World that neither are necessary (shopping, professional sports, going to the movies, etc…) nor merciful to your neighbor who needs that Sabbath rest and more importantly does not need barriers to the hearing of the Word of Life.”


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