Why I Cannot Support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz

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It is often asked why I cannot support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. They claim to be believers, right? They fear God? So what is the deal? Why won’t you support them?

§Act Declaration and Testimony of 1741,

“we find, the Word of GOD gives an express and particular Rule and Direction anent the Election and Duty of Kings, Exod. 18.21, and Deut. 17.14, to the End, which we look upon as a Moral Precept, and therefore binding upon Christians under the New Testament, as well as upon Israel under the Old.” – Act, Declaration and Testimony of 1741

§Act Declaration and Testimony of 1761 regarding Election of Magistrates,

“We further assert and maintain, that the constituting of the relation betwixt rulers and ruled, is voluntary and mutual; and that the lawful constitution of civil magistrates, is, by the mutual election of the people (in whom is the radical right, or intermediate voice of God, of choosing and appointing such as are to sway the scepter of government over them) and consent of those who are elated and chosen for the exercise of that office, with certain stipulations according to scripture and right reason, obliging each other unto the duty of their different stations and relations. And further we affirm that when magistrates are so constituted, christians are bound by the law of God to pray for the divine blessing upon their persons and government, reverence and highly esteem them, yield a conscientious subjection and obedience to their lawful commands, defend and support then in the due exercise of their power; which power magistrates are especially to exert for the outward defense of the church of God, against all her external enemies, restraining or otherwise punishing, as the case may require, all open blasphemers, idolaters, false-worshipers, heretics, with all avowed contemners of the worship and discipline of the house of God; and by his civil sanction to corroborate all the laws and ordinances of Christ’s house, providing and enjoining that every thing in the house of the God of heaven, be done according to the law of the God of heaven. Proof Text Deut. 17:14; 2 Kings 11:17; 1 Sam. 11:15; 1 Tim. 2:1,2; 1 Peter 2:17; Rom. 13:2 to 8; 2 Kings 18:4, and 23:1 to 26; 2 Chron. 29, and 30, chapter throughout; Ezra 7:28. Confess. chap. 23, sec. 3, coronation oath of Scotland, sworn and subscribed by Charles II. at Scone, January 1st, 1651, and oath of fidelity by the people.”

§Alexander Shield on Choosing our Magistrates,

“The New Testament gives a definitive statement of civil government in Romans ch. 13 v. 1-9 and 1 Timothy ch. 2 v. 1-2; which is a summary of the pattern also found in the Old Testament. We shall first take in review these Old Testament passages where we have the epitome of kingship delineated. Thus the qualifications of those who exercise civil rule are that, They must be men of truth, fearing God and hating covetousness (Ex. 18.21); they must be just, and not deceitful, false or oppressive: He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God (2 Sam. 23.2-3); they must be men of understanding, they must be of the same nation, and not strangers (Deut. 13 v. 1 & 17; Jer. 30 v. 21). They are to be elected by all the people, that is, by the adult men among whom they are to rule: The men of Judah made David king (2 Sam. 2 v. 4) or again: The people made Saul King (1 Sam. 11.15) and as also in the words of Hushai: Whom the Lord and this people, and all the men of Israel choose, his will I be (2 Sam. 16.18). Any perversion of this order by those who thrust in upon the people however they accomplish it, is usurpation; as in Hos. 8.4: ‘They made kings but not by me; that is, strictly and only in the way appointed by God, and which is said to be “by” him as if God himself had actually done it.” Alexander Shield, A Hind Let Loose – Qualifications of Civil Magistrates

§James Willson on Choosing our Magistrates,

“To permit Atheists, Deists, Jews, Pagans, profane men, heretics, such as are the blasphemers of Messiah’s Godhead, and Papists, who are gross idolaters, to occupy places of honor and power as legislators, judges, etc., is to offer a direct insult to the holy Jesus. They do not, they will not, they cannot “kiss the Son” (Ps. 2:12), according to the Father’s command. To elevate such men is direct opposition to the King of kings. … Cursed be the deceiver, which hath in his flock a male, and voweth, and sacrificeth unto the Lord acorrupt thing” (Mal. 1:14). “He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God” (2 Sma. 23:3).” -From his essay titled Prince Messiah’s Claims to Dominion over all Governments as found in the recently published (by Crown and Covenant) book Political Danger p. 262.

§My Reasons Laid Out on Why I cannot Support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz.

First, he has to met the essential qualifications laid down in Ex. 18…

Secondly, he has to be an orthodox Christian and one who is in Covenant. As a Baptist both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz would be disqualified since those who do not baptize their children are cut off from the Covenant and the nation and therefore does not hold citizenship in a nation. This is something all Covenanters all hold.

Thirdly, he has to uphold all the laws of God that pertain to the moral law of God including those of Idolatry, Blasphemy and Sabbath Desecrating. Rand Paul’s libertarianism goes against that and Ted Cruz’s Baptist Theology and false Patriotism in the American Constitution and First Amendment would forbid this..

Fourthly, he has to sustain and uphold the true Reformed religion and nurture it and suppress false religions in the land. Known as National Covenanting and the Establishment Clause in Historic Reformed Theology. His libertarianism goes against that..

Fifthly, he holds to the constitution which is blasphemous and false to us Covenanters. Athiestical to the core.

Sixthly, he would uphold the constitution which as I said previous no Covenanter can hold to and which we totally dissent from.

Seventhly, By running (and if by chance one of them won) they would have to take an unlawful oath to uphold the Constitution. Which we see as totally sinful. Which is also why we dissent from voting, since if we vote for the person and they won and they took the oath, we would become accomplices in their sinful oath.

Eighthly, They must uphold the previous Covenant promises of the nation that were sworn unto and are perpetual, such as in our case the Solemn League and Covenant.

We believe that these are vital essential requirements for supporting any candidate to any seat of magistracy in any and all lands.


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