The Importance of Swords and Firearms within the Covenanter Communion

A_Covenanters'_Conventicle with guns.jpg


Within the United Societies it was required that all be armed at all times…

“All delegates [to the first convention of the United Societies] were sworn to secrecy regarding Societies’ business until mid I683 and they organised collections of funds among their prayer societies which were used to fund Societies’ projects and provide relief for those suffering persecution. All members of the Societies were expected to be armed.” -Mark Jardine, The United Societies: Militancy, Martyrdom and the Presbyterian Movement in Late-Restoration Scotland, I679 to I688

In Pennsylvania we not only re-swore and Renewed the covenants with uplifted swords

“In November, 1743, one hundred years after the signing of the Solemn League and Covenant, Mr. Craighead gathered together all the Covenanters in Eastern Pennsylvania, at Middle Octorara, Lancaster County, and, after the dispensation of the Lord’s Supper, led them in the renewing of the Covenants. Here they declared, with uplifted swords, their independence of an ecclesiastical body that strangely upheld Erastian prelacy; and also declared their separation from the Crown which had so impiously violated Covenant engagements on both sides of the Atlantic.” Renewal of the Solemn League and Covenant of 1743 in Octorara Pennsylvania

But also In 1747 Richard Locke, an S.P.G. missionary to Lancaster County wrote to the Reverend George Craig that

“The Country is very much over spread … Covenanters who receive their Sacrament with a gun charg’d and drawn sword; profess they’d fight for Christ Against the civil magistrate. …” -Letters of Reverend Richard Locke and Reverend George Craig, Pennslvania Magazine of History and Biography, XXIV (1900), 474-475

We are the don’t mess with us Reformed folk…

You might also find of interest, firearms among the Puritans that was done by my friend Stephen Halbrook over at Theonomy Resources, titled ‘Armed and Ready: the Puritan Tradition of Bringing Guns to Services’


guns and swords


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