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This morning I was asked if I had a listing by categories of all my blog articles as well as everything I had in my online file cabinet. I really didn’t have anything organized yet. I was lazy when it came tagging my articles in categories… I do need to organize my blog better especially now I am approaching almost 100 articles… LoL
Anyway, I went ahead after the request to minimally categorized everything I have up on the internet… It was daunting but I managed and was successful….. So here it is and I hope it helps people find what they are looking for…

Second Commandment

6 Part Series on Magistracy
Here is my 6 part series on the Principles of Civil Magistracy, Qualifications of Magistrates, Legitimate versus Illegitimate Governments, Patriotism and Political Dissent, etc.

Part 1 – Qualifications of Civil Magistrates, Are we Electing a Pastor In Chief

Part 2 – Election of Women on the Seat of Magistracy

Part 3 – Why I Cannot Support Rand Paul or Ted Cruz

Part 4 – True Patriotism and Political Dissent

Part 5 – Why I Do Not and Cannot Vote In the Present State and Nature of Our Nation

Part 6 – Why Political Dissent

Covenanter History (The brave and faithful Margaret Wilson)

Covenant Communities

Law of God

Third Commandment Issues

Fourth Commandment with Issues of Holy Days Such as Christmas (Deconstructing Krismass)


Commerce Covenants

Confessionalism and Testimonies

Differences between Covenanters and Reconstructionist

Civil Magistracy

Historicist Post Millennialism

Christian’s Duty

Third Person of the Trinity, The Holy Ghost

Covenanter Poetry

Differences between Covenanters and Seceders


Solemn League and Covenant, Is it Still Binding

National Covenants

Wives and Woman

Firearms and Swords, Their Importance to Covenanters

Romans 13

Liberty of Conscience

Modesty Principles

Hair Care for the Extremely Long but Scriptural hair for Women

Reformed Versus Evangelical

File Cabinet Links

Christology, Angel of Yahovah and Michael



-Selections from the Dicaeologicae


-The US Constitution Weighed in the Balance [of Divine Law]


-Master List on Contraception

Covenanter Testimonies

-Act, Declaration and Testimony of 1761

False Religions

-The Two Babylons

Mediatorial Reign of Christ

-De Regno Christi by Martin Bucer

-Messiah Governor of the Nations of the Earth

-The Subjection of Kings and Nations to Messiah

-The Two Sons of Oil

National Judgment

-Rulers Sin, The Cause of National Judgment

Jury Duty

-Argument for Jury Law

Reformed Economics

-Christian Righteousness, Oaths and Usury by Wolfgang Musculus

-On Trading and Usury by Martin Luther

Christian Sabbath

-Sabbath in Christian History

-Nicknaming the Sabbath, a Protest


-Thou Profane Wicked Prince, a Sermon by Donald Cargill


-RPCNA Position Paper on Worship

National Covenanting

-On the Duty of Covenanting and the Permanent Obligations of Religious Covenants Reformed Presbyterian Catechism by William Roberts

-Testimony for Public Covenanting by the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America by Order of Synod

-The Duty of Nations by Gilbert McMaster

-The Duty of Social Covenanting edited by David Scott

-The Duty of Social Covenanting Illustrated and Enforced by Thomas Sproull

-The Scriptural Principles of the Solemn League and Covenant by Alex Hislop

Reformed Eucharist Website

1. The Real but Heavenly Presence in the Supper

2. The Eucharistic Ascent

5. The Element of Wine

-Protestant Transubstantiation 1 by Keith Mathison

-Protestant Transubstantiation 2 by Keith Mathison

-Protestant Transubstantiation 3 by Keith Mathison

-Protestant Transubstantiation 4 by Keith Mathison

7. The Common Cup

-Common Cup (Dutch Reformed)

-Common Cup (Scottish Presbyterian)

-George Gillespie on the Common Cup

8. The Common Table

-Common Table by George Gillespie

-Common Table by Jeremiah Burrough

10. Against Intinction

11. Unbelievers (Did Judas Sop?)

-Did Judas Sop by George Gillespie

Kingdom of Messiah Website

-Binding Nature of General Equity Judicial Laws


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