Covenanter Sisters- Infinity Scarf Veiling

hijab 1

 Behold, thou art fair, my love; behold, thou art fair; thou hast doves’ eyes within thy veil”

Song of Solomon 4:1


Although I have written very little about veiling on my blog it may some as a surprise to my readers that I hold to full time veiling for our sisters. This will definitely not be a surprise if you know me from facebook.

I do have a upcoming book on the subject that I am publishing so I will not be getting into the nitty gritty of my doctrinal reasoning behind the veiling as well as for full time veiling but to give some advice for our veiling sisters.

To those who are unaware the Historic Reformed faith has by the majority supported a veiling very similar to Islamic Hijab and not just during worship. The Patristics and some of the Reformation theologians took it even further but it is not my point to get into that today.

All the Reformers held that the whole head should be veiled. The veil does not consist of a small piece of fabric like a doily on top the of head showing most if not all of the entire head and most of the hair. The veil that the Reformer showforth was a whole veil that looked very much like a Hijab.

The great Covenanter Commentator James Durham said it also includes the neck.

“Wantonness and lightness in them [i.e., clothes and dressings], which is especially in nakedness, as to such and such parts of the body, which in modesty are to be hid; for women having clothes for a cover, ought to make use of them for that end; and it is more than probable, that that walking with stretched-out necks, there reproved, relateth to women, their making more of their necks, and their breasts bare, than should be, or is decent, they affected to discover or raise their gorgets, when God commendeth modesty, and nature is best pleased in its own unaffected freedom, yet they stretched them out” -James Durham, ‘The Seventh Commandment’, The Law Unsealed, pp 306-308.

*gorgets- Part of the woman’s veil covering the throat and chest. Old French gorgete, diminutive of gorge, throat.

But we aren’t plain people like the Amish!

And we aren’t Islamic that we must all match in one solid color!

Covenanter sisters do not have to look ugly or plain nor do they have to cover with a bag. There is nothing wrong with beautiful veils. There is absolutely no prohibition against beautifulness. There is no prohibition on colors and patterns. You may have a beautiful scarf with all sorts of flowery patterns with many colors..

So why settle for a plain small triangle handkerchief or doily?

Many veils are also expensive (trust me I have search high and low for good scarfs for my own family). You shouldn’t have to pay and arm and a leg for a good quality larger veil.

Many veils can be hard to tie or take some time of finagling to put on.

But I have discovered the Infinity scarf which is a nice inexpensive larger scarf that is connected at both ends (therefore when opened up it looks like an O) that is pretty cheap and reasonable ranging between $3 and $7 a piece. I bought two in a single pack for $3 this week for my family.

Not only that they can be very stylistic with all assortment of patterns and designs. They are also extremely easy to don quickly with not much ado.. One can be donned in less then 30 seconds.

In addition they are light weighted. So you don’t have to feel weighed down, stuffy or hot to wear especially in the summer time!

Being veiled with such scarfs that have such designs and patterns with so many bright colors it is very unlikely you would get mistaken for a plain mennonite or amish girl as  well as the radical Islamic women that mostly stick with plain light blue, black or white and you will still bare modesty that is of a historic Christian belief and practice..

It is high time to bring back the Reformed & Patristic Veil for modesty. You Covenanter sisters are like precious pearls and like the pearl which is modestly veiled by God in the sea with it’s shell wrapped around it, so you to should be veiled for your honor, dignity and submission under which God have greatly given you. You are a price far above rubies and pearls. I might add that the veil gives a bit of a mysteriousness & intrigue to you. Your head and hair are your glory and should be reserved for intimacy. Your body is to be honored and respected. Why allow it to be plundered and disrespected by revealing your body thus belittling you and causing shame unto you? Why give yourself such little honor and respect by revealing all before the world? Clothing and the veiling gives you respect. They are to conceal what God commands to be concealed.

Be Mysterious.. Be Veiled O Sisters… Honor & Dignity and Respect are yours.

There is nothing like a veiled mysterious woman seen in beautiful colorful patterns concealing herself & where her cloths are deeply covered and filled in deep scents of Frankincense, Myrrh  and Aloes.

 All thy garments smell of myrrh, and aloes, and cassia, out of the ivory palaces, whereby they have made thee glad.” Psalm 45:8

She is intriguing with a touch of modest allure. She is sophisticated and she respects and honors herself and she will receive respect and honor from men.. Your garden will be more protected and well attended.

“A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.” Song of Solomon 4:12

So how does one veil an infinity scarf?

Here is a video that will give you 5 example styles that are quick and easy.. (Yes I know it is an Islamic women but it is still a good tutorial).

Infinity Scarf Veiling




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